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Before, during, after : optimal avalanche risk control

As a pioneer and innovator of non-explosive preventive avalanche triggering systems for over 30 years and with its patented products Gazex, O’BellX and DaisyBell, MND SAFETY has established itself as the world reference in this sector. Today, our expertise extends to the global management of this risk, thanks to a range of unique solutions for decision-making assistance and detection of avalanche activity.

  • +2,800 gas avalanche triggering systems in operation.
  • Presence in 22 countries
  • + 30 years of experience

Wherever snow can be a danger

  • If the safety of ski areas and competition sites has built the reputation of MND SAFETY, its scope of activity now extends far beyond: roads, railways, motorways, industrial installations and construction sites all over the world are now protected from avalanche risks by these explosive free systems, remotely controlled.
  • Either fixed, removable or mobile (helicopter-mounted), these solutions are unique on the market, and these patented technologies are the only ones that do not use solid explosives to trigger avalanches: the use of a gas mixture, instead, reconciles operating efficiency, speed of implementation and the safety of operating personnel within systems that are reliable and sustainable over time.

From triggering to avalanche control

The prevention against natural hazards has evolved and an efficient risk management now requires the use of Monitoring tools allowing to take action before and after the avalanche phenomenon: MND SAFETY thus offers to the safety managers remote monitoring systems of the climatic conditions evolution (Before) as well as real-time detection solutions of the avalanche activity (After) which allow them to have a real control of the danger as a whole.

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range of solutions

Monitoring station

Autonomous and adapted to extreme climatic environments, these installations on flat areas make it possible to anticipate the appearance of conditions conducive to avalanche activity and to assist in decision-making in the upstream phase of triggering.

Monitoring pole

As close as possible to the snowpack, these electronic masts analyze its evolution and remotely measure the avalanche risk for fine monitoring even on difficult to access terrain.

Fixed system

Pioneers in non-explosive avalanche triggering systems, these stationary solutions guarantee the safety of operating personnel thanks to remote control, available 24 hours a day and in all weathers.

Removable system

Without explosives and with a low visual impact, these removable avalanche triggering solutions are ideal for protected ecosystems with a long-term investment objective.

Mobile system

To manage exceptional winter situations or to control the risk on an ad hoc basis, these mobile gas systems are heliborne to trigger the avalanche at the ideal point, guaranteeing speed and efficiency.

Control software

Latest generation of software, applications and web interfaces for remote piloting and control of gas avalanche triggers for a quick, intuitive and complete handling.

Monitoring detection radar

Because avalanches, whether natural or triggered, require reactivity and adaptability, these radar solutions, which can be installed remotely, allow activity monitoring and danger control in real time.

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Because our systems are designed to last and ensure maximum reliability, MND SAFETY offers technical assistance, permanent support by email, maintenance contracts, diagnostics and training in order to best support its customers throughout the life and operation of its solutions.


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