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4 seasons mountain

4 seasons mountain

On every mountain in the world, the democratization of leisure tourism and winter sports has enabled the economic development of the territories. While ski resorts are constantly rethinking their model, the industry must now change the way it approaches the challenges of ecological and economic sustainability and require partners to be part of a global and long-term vision.

Aware of these challenges and of the de-segmented approach needed to move the lines, MND has a unique offer that meet the four major stakes of mountain sites: mobility, snowmaking, safety and leisure. A unique vision that reconciles collective reflection on facilities and adapted operational technical solutions, grounded in reality.

Trusted partner of ski resort operators for nearly 20 years, all MND solutions contribute to the tourist attractiveness and economic competitiveness of the valleys so that the mountain remains beautiful and safe for tourists, efficient and sustainable for its actors.

  • 2,000 ski resorts in 67 countries
  • +50 resorts welcome more than 1 million skiers per year
  • 80% of these ski resorts are located in the Alps


Among the industries that have experienced strong growth in recent years, tourism is undergoing major upheavals and developments. Increasingly attractive, innovative and accessible, tourist destinations are investing to create differentiating offers while taking into account the sustainability issues of sites – whether natural or urban. To help visitors discover a place with a fresh perspective, to access it fluidly or to enhance a new viewpoint, cable is proving to be a fully-fledged experience for visitors thanks to solutions that can be adapted to all types of context while respecting the environment.

Today, the aspiration for nature and escape has never been so important, with a focus on local destinations as an essential lever to fulfill this aim. Our leisure and cable transportation infrastructures magnify the sites while respecting their ecosystem and creating a strong identity marker for a sensational and memorable customer experience.

  • 1.5 billion international tourists in 2020
  • 20% of global tourism in natural mountain areas
  • Indoor & outdoor solutions to boost the attractiveness of destinations


As living places, cities are always evolving according to their rhythm. In our cities that are constantly on the move, the stakes of mobility and leisure are levers for making them more attractive thanks to offers that create fluidity and added value, accessible to all. As it grows in height, cable transportation frees itself from traffic and offers an efficient, safe and reliable mode of transportation that blends seamlessly into the urban landscape. With a limited carbon footprint, it is part of a vision of a more efficient and sustainable city serving its residents.

Cities are meeting places, but they are also reinventing themselves thanks to the development of new experiences to visit them in a different way. Playful, sporty, family or vertiginous, leisure facilities are now intruding into the urban universe to unveil the full potential of sites known or less known to the general public. Through these solutions, proven in the mountains, MND supports public or private project owners in their urban development related to mobility and leisure.

  • By 2030 60% of the world's inhabitants will live in cities
  • 2020 France's first modern urban cable car makes 2.5 million trips to Brest
  • +1/3 of the international cable transport market will be dedicated to urban transport by 2024
Infrastructure & industry

Infrastructure & industry

Because the world of the mountains is a demanding world that requires specialized expertise, reliability is the key word. Adapted to industrial fields and infrastructures where safety standards are high, our offer guarantees the respect of these standards whether it concerns the protection of roads, railways, areas of current large-scale construction sites and industrial activity sites. Proven in the most extreme climatic conditions throughout the world, our solutions are adapted to all types of environments where the movement of employees or materials must be carried out in the greatest possible safety and durability.

Thanks to cable transportation or footbridges, our accessibility solutions allow employees to move around and transport materials. From the mountains to industry, our avalanche prevention systems adapt to protect access to and operation of mining sites or roads; our snowmaking solutions are a benchmark for automotive manufacturers to test vehicles in real conditions.

  • 4,800 m altitude record for one of our avalanche control systems
  • 150 + solutions already installed for industrial sites all over the world

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