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Software for monitoring and triggering avalanches

Intuitive and secure software for triggering avalanches. Monitoring the snowpack, activating exploders, and detecting avalanches after firing.
SAFETY-cs includes leading-edge features to simplify avalanche control activities.

  • End-to-end avalanche risk management
  • Regular automatic updates


Software for monitoring and triggering avalanches

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#1 Remote accessibility

SAFETY-cs can be accessed on all devices with an Internet connection (PC, tablet or smartphone). A personalised login with two-factor authentication is used to monitor and secure your operations. The software is connected to all MND devices, including Gazex and O’BellX, as well as weather stations, radars and Avawatch, to ensure the end-to-end management of your facility.

#2 Guaranteed trigger

Since it is vitally important to protect cities, infrastructures and ski areas round the clock, we have set up an infallible dual redundancy system, i.e. a dual communication system (4G and radio) and dual software access (online and local).


AuthorisationSector-based, for multiple blasts
SecurityHTTPS encrypted protocol
Two-factor authentication
& password before the blast
MonitoringTemperature (air et snow)
Wind (speed et direction)
Atmospheric pressure and humidity
Snow height and displacement
Composition and changes in the snowpack
ConfigurationGPS coordinates for the devices
ShotsMultiple blasts / Multi-Sync
AlertsBattery level
Gas pressures
Cylinder filling
StatisticsBlast log
Measurement log
Event history

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