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Mobile avalanche control system

The DAISYBELL™ solution delivers all the power and efficiency that you need!
This heli-portable system is designed to address avalanche risks whenever the need arises. The ability to position the right charge in the right place at the right time can improve safety in areas that are not protected by a stationary system.

  • Flexibility
  • Profitability


Mobile avalanche control system

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#1 Ideal for exceptional winter conditions

A single heli-portable gas-based system allows users to cover several avalanche chutes, depending on the actual snowfall reported.

#2 Quick ROI

This mobile exploder combines extremely quick installation (during and after use) with a very low blast cost.

#3 Safety and precision

a single operator in the helicopter can control all the detonation features in complete safety without needing to handle the explosive charges that can be primed from the inside the cockpit. A viewer shows the helicopter pilot the exact distance between the DaisyBell™ and the snowpack in real time.


(excluding cylinders)
390 kg
Dimensions (H*D)2. 4m x 1.5m
Heli-transportSling between 15 and 30 m
Considered to be a non-explosive
cargo transport operation
by the aviation authorities
AutonomyUp to 70 blasts
Gaz injection time5 seconds
DisplayDaisyView viewing system
& DaisyTrack recording system
EnergyRechargeable batteries
OtherIntegrated laser-based distance
measurement from the ground

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