As living places, cities are always evolving according to their rhythm. In our cities that are constantly on the move, the stakes of mobility and leisure are levers for making them more attractive thanks to offers that create fluidity and added value, accessible to all. As it grows in height, cable transportation frees itself from traffic and offers an efficient, safe and reliable mode of transportation that blends seamlessly into the urban landscape. With a limited carbon footprint, it is part of a vision of a more efficient and sustainable city serving its residents.

Cities are meeting places, but they are also reinventing themselves thanks to the development of new experiences to visit them in a different way. Playful, sporty, family or vertiginous, leisure facilities are now intruding into the urban universe to unveil the full potential of sites known or less known to the general public. Through these solutions, proven in the mountains, MND supports public or private project owners in their urban development related to mobility and leisure.


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Canton Tower

Canton Tower | China

Rope course & sky walk | 2020
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