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On every mountain in the world, the democratization of leisure tourism and winter sports has enabled the economic development of the territories. While ski resorts are constantly rethinking their model, the industry must now change the way it approaches the challenges of ecological and economic sustainability and require partners to be part of a global and long-term vision.
Aware of these challenges and of the de-segmented approach needed to move the lines, MND has a unique offer that meet the four major stakes of mountain sites: mobility, snowmaking, safety and leisure. A unique vision that reconciles collective reflection on facilities and adapted operational technical solutions, grounded in reality.

Trusted partner of ski resort operators for nearly 20 years, all MND solutions contribute to the tourist attractiveness and economic competitiveness of the valleys so that the mountain remains beautiful and safe for tourists, efficient and sustainable for its actors.


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Autrans-Méaudre | France

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