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Developing pioneering technologies for mobility, safety and leisure, offering ever more durable products and imagining those of tomorrow... For nearly 50 years, MND has been innovating for its customers.

A strategy that is accelerating the transformation of our industry, our offerings and our services in a context marked by numerous challenges such as the ecological transition, the digital revolution, new forms of mobility, etc. By relying on the innovations developed by its various divisions, MND is already experimenting with solutions that will contribute to the world of tomorrow.

Developing the mobility of tomorrow

Designed to integrate and connect to a city’s existing intermodal transport network, CABLINE ® is a fully automatic, carbon-free system with autonomous cabins moving on cables at speeds of up to 45 km/h. Supported by the French government (ADEME), this technology uses a minimalist infrastructure easy and fast to implement while offering the same benefits of obstacle clearance, small footprint and energy optimization as traditional ropeway transportation. The CABLINE ® autonomous vehicle system allows for rapid maintenance operations adapted to the urban public transport stakes.


Supporting all-weather recreation

The most complete all-weather snowmaking solution on the market, with a compact size that facilitates its integration into the landscape and its operation and maintenance by operators. Thanks to a unique automatic sweeping system, the XXL snow deposit created reduces on-site interventions and grooming work by personnel. Equipped with a heat recovery system, the Blizzard can generate 180kW of heating, which is more than it consumes.


Artificial intelligence for avalanche risk

World leader in remote avalanche control, MND SAFETY has developed an autonomous device placed in the couloir downstream of the blaster that detects the passage of the avalanche and models its size. This is key data for the operators who, from a distance, must be able to ensure that the slope, the road or the protected infrastructure is properly secured.

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Improving the customer experience: comfort, accessibility and design

As a pioneer in thrill activities, MND LEISURE has developed a new pulley for its zip line product. A condensed technology for the customer experience and safety. A pulley with many functional advantages, such as non-contact braking that adapts to the weight of the users or the locking system to ensure a high level of safety.

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Facilitate the management of an automated snow network

MND SNOW is a forerunner in the automated management of snowmaking installations, having deployed the first dedicated software in 2002. Resource optimization, real-time monitoring, intelligent snowmaking programming… A number of historical options have been reinvented, as well as new features such as 3D viewing for more efficient management of the snowmaking system.

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Adapting to new customer habits

Because operators and their staff must be able to react quickly to avalanche risks and control them remotely, MND SAFETY is deploying the latest generation of its remote control software. Accessible on PC, tablet or Smartphone, this new digital interface allows a more intuitive use and integrates all the existing functionalities as well as the management of all the latest security solutions of MND SAFETY.

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