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Cable mobility, everywhere, for everyone, in all its forms

As a major player of ropeway mobility, MND ROPEWAYS combines technical excellence and recognized experience on all the mountain areas worldwide, to adapt to any context. MND is a leader in its sector, particularly in terms of innovation and reliability.

  • +800 Ropeways transporting millions of passengers
  • 40 countries
  • 20 Innovation engineers

In the mountains, on tourist sites or in cities, MND Ropeways provides cable mobility solutions with the following trademark:

  • An extremely complete range of technical solutions: conveyor belts, ski lifts, seat or cabin ropeways with fixed and detachable grip, special equipment such as funiculars, cable cars, inclined lifts
  • Maximum comfort for end users
  • A design that eases operation and maintenance to reduce costs
  • Customization of installations to differentiate each equipment and adapt to the needs and requirements of operators and
  • A conception that considers environmental concerns (low noise, compact and elegant design for integration into the landscape) and durability of materials from the start.

Modern solutions for urban mobility

MND Ropeways puts its experience of cable mobility at the service of public transport, through innovative solutions that are quick to implement, economical, decarbonized and limit surface footprint. By offering smooth, fast and comfortable rides, this transportation mode has a bright future.


Ropeways Saint Lary 24 EN
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Ropeways Solutions


Chairlifts are an iconic fixture of ski areas around the world, and they play a key role in injecting speed and comfort into the user experience. Our fixed and detachable versions are guaranteed to tick all your boxes and deliver the best-fit solution to your needs.


Whether in the mountains or the city, our gondolas guarantee superlative performance with their major carry capacity and enhanced comfort.

Téléporté mixte

The téléporté mixte combines all the advantages of a gondola and a chairlift in a rugged solution.


An effective, bespoke and sustainable way of giving customers access to all tourist sites and social activity areas while blending seamlessly into the surrounding environment.

Surface lift

A simple and cost-effective transport solution for beginners and experts alike.


An ideal transport solution for training spaces and activity zones, as well as faster connections between your different areas.

Inclined elevator

The ideal transport solution for short trips across steep terrain, whether in the city or the mountains.


A new form of ropeway transport has been developed for the city with the support of France’s environment & energy management agency in a bid to meet the capacity, integration and maintenance requirements of today’s urban environment.

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A 3-level approach close your service needs

In addition to our business lines, our Services portfolio supports your installations and products throughout their life cycle. With a dedicated team, a structured offer and customized solutions, we are mobilized at your side on a daily basis to put our multi-business lines expertise at your service, anywhere in the world 365 days a year.



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Les 2 Alpes - Pierre Grosse

Les 2 Alpes - Pierre Grosse | France

GD8 | 2017
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