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  • Made in France Production processes relocated to the Savoy region
  • Committee The CSR Committee has six members and is responsible for defining the Group's action plan for four key focus areas that have been identified in liaison with the company's employees
  • 700 m² of solar panels fitted at our industrial site
  • R&D focused on lowering the energy used by our products
  • 9500 m² of offices and workshops heated through geothermal energy
  • QSE Mandatory training for all new hires
  • 500 m² of green roofs
  • Labels BPI France Excellence & Savoie Mont-Blanc Excellence
  • RT2012 Our buildings comply with France's RT 2012 energy efficiency regulation, especially in terms of harvesting rainwater

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructures

  • Eco-design strategy encouraged within our design and engineering teams
  • Hydroelectric snow production programme in the La Thuile ski area
  • Non-explosive avalanche control solutions
  • Partnership with Université Savoie Mont Blanc
  • Homeworking policy
  • In-house e-learning platform
  • Use of the SharePoint platform to reduce the amount of emails sent

Reduced inequalities

  • Measures to lower sound pollution in our workshops
  • “Women in engineering” initiative
  • Collaboration with the Mountain Sisters association
  • Partnership with the La Vie au Grand Air association (child protection)
  • Bring Children to the Snow programme
  • Partnership with the American Avalanche Association: research, education and prevention
  • Initiatives to promote school ski trips with the FFS (French Ski Federation)
  • Sponsorship of the Savoie Tour (cycling race to support combat-injured veterans)
  • Sponsorship programme for Tom Crey (adaptive skiing)

Responsible consumption and production

  • ISO 14001, ISO 9001 + EN 1090 certification
  • Member of the French Business Climate Pledge
  • Use of local suppliers at our project sites
  • Completion of a carbon audit
  • Local partnership with Potager City
  • EV charge points
  • LED indoor and outdoor lighting systems
  • Use of a closed water circuit during product testing
  • Education on eco-friendly practices for the teams (dynamic displays)
  • Alpespace car-sharing award in 2020 and 2021

Life on land

  • Customer development projects incorporating biodiversity issues
  • Partnership with the French National Forest Office (ONF) on a reforestation programme
  • MND waterway policy
  • Green roofs

Check out our commitments

  • Icon ISO 14001, ISO 9001 + EN 1090 certification
  • Icon Our activities relocated in France
  • Icon R&D = 4 to 7% of our revenue
  • Icon Development of soft mobility solutions
  • Icon Reforestation partnership with ONF
  • Icon Recycling of our waste and advertising media

Minimise the impacts of our activities on the environment

Succeed Together 2024 is the name of the strategic transformation and development plan that the Group has been actively leading since 2020. The ambition behind the plan is to create winning synergies between the MND teams and its partners, and build a robust and high-performance organisation to fulfil all its customers’ needs.

The mountains are our environment, our passion, our laboratory and our source of inspiration!

As a French industrial group whose business activities span the entire mountain sector, we are committed to supporting our customers in complying with the latest environmental standards and developing projects to ramp up the ecological transition and protect our ecosystems and biodiversity, whether by promoting soft mobility solutions in the city or diversifying our mountain communities.

Every day, we lend our support to several local and international institutions. Ever mindful of our duty to exercise due diligence and lead by example, we have been pursuing a virtuous business model for many years. In response to climate change issues and the challenges posed by tourism and urban development, our company has a key role to play in engaging resort operators, organising authorities and communities with a sustainable long-term vision.

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