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Stick guns

When it comes to stick guns, Street 2.0 is in a class of its own. The directional central jet limits the width of the snow cover. This stick gun is the ideal solution for ensuring that the snow is always where it is needed, whether paths, trails or narrow slopes.
  • Compact, lightweight and effective
  • Controlled snow cover


Stick guns

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Vars, France


#1 Compact, lightweight and effective

Tipping the scales at a mere 49 kg and standing 7.5 m tall, the STREET 2.0 stick gun is both discreet and easy to use, so it is ideal for trails and narrow slopes where space is at a premium.

#2 Central jet for controlled snow cover

The nozzles are arranged along a single line, which reduces the snow cover width to 5 metres, compared to 15 metres or more for traditional stick guns. This system avoids any wasted water or energy, while making life much easier for snow groomer operators.


Electrical data24 V / 50 Hz-60 Hz
Heater0,05 kW
Water managementSolenoid valves &
6 water nozzles
Water pressure15 to 50 bar
Compressed air2 nucleation nozzles
Maximum flow rate36 Nm3/h
Rotation/Elevation360° / 65°-70°-75°
Snow production3 to 26,5 m3/h
RangeUp to 40m
Jet angle65°
Snow cover width5 to 8m
VersionsCentralised or built-in air compressor
OperationAutomatic or manual
MountJaws on a steel lattice support (31,5kg)

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