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Monitoring software

Intuitive and ultra-effective software for managing snowmaking systems with a 3D interface, with accurate scheduling and configuration capabilities, improved resource use and real-time statistics.
When it came to designing the SNOW-cs software, we overhauled certain features so that you can quickly enable or access several options.


Monitoring software

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Chamrousse, France


#1 3D interface

SNOW-cs revolutionises the process for managing snowmaking systems by offering a fully configurable 3D interface to deliver an intuitive and realistic navigation experience covering all the slopes in the ski area.

#2 Resource management

SNOW-cs automatically manages the snowmaking system according to the user’s settings (production targets, priorities, snow quality, etc.). As such, the software effectively adapts the available resources (water, air and electricity) to improve snow production performance.


AlertsEmail & SMS
DisplaySlope-based or custom groups
LocalisationGPS coordinates for the devices
Status displaysStartup, shutdown, faults
Value displaysFlow rate, pressure, temperature
ManagementMachine room
Snow qualityAjustable
Operation100% automatic
HistoryEvents & measurement log

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