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Pioneers in non-explosive avalanche triggering systems, these stationary solutions guarantee the safety of operating personnel thanks to remote control, available 24 hours a day and in all weathers.


Available in 3 volumes (0.8, 1.5 or 3m3), the Gazex® Inertie and its downstream counterweight is the proven reference for triggering avalanches without explosives.


CDOT | United States

O'BELLX - GAZEX | Since 2014
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In the case of rocky soil, the Gazflex® (0.8 or 1.5m3) allows to limit the foundation costs for an efficient and optimized solution according to the constraints of the ground.


Sotchi | Russia

GAZEX | 2014
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And also

  • Shelter Concept.III: latest generation gas power plant for Gazex®/Gazflex® exploders, this robust and reliable shelter can be customized at the customer’s request and delivered ready for installation.
  • Mini-Shelter: in the case of isolated corridors or corridors with very steep slopes, the installation of a mini-shelter, capable of supplying up to 2 Gazex®/Gazflex® exploders, is recommended.
La Rosière

La Rosière | France

O'BELLX - GAZEX | 2017
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