Huy 01 / 03
Huy 02 / 03
Huy 03 / 03

Huy | Belgium

Jig-back | 2021
A seasonal cable car for a real tourist challenge
  • AT60
  • 1294 m
  • 131 m
  • 30km/h
  • 2 x 15
  • 785 000/year

As part of an investment and development plan and
reinforcement of the tourist activity carried out by the town of Huy, the construction of the new cable car is a major lever to welcome the 70,000 annual tourists.

Revisiting the historical design of the cable car, the 2 new 15-seater cabins have been designed to allow a panoramic view on board. 100% automated, the cable car will allow optimal management of schedules and departures, securing an availability rate of more than 99% while ensuring the assistance of the future operator in the handling of this new reliable and safe transport solution.

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