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Two-way cable car

An effective, bespoke and sustainable way of giving customers access to all tourist sites and social activity areas while blending seamlessly into the surrounding environment.
  • Silent, fast and reliable operation
  • Very high capacity
  • Bespoke design
  • Easy maintenance


Two-way cable car

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Brest, France


#1 Cutting-edge technologies for easier integration

Solutions harnessing the latest-generation ropeway technologies. Every detail is developed to fit the site’s specific technical requirements while ensuring that the system blends into the landscape. Jig-backs are an ideal solution for providing easy access to a point of interest, whether in the mountains or a city, while representing an effective addition to the public transport network.

#2 Unique and specific cabins

Our workshops are capable of producing bespoke cabins to meet your needs for customised designs and seamless integration. Every aspect of our turnkey projects can be personalised, including the design, structure, fittings, materials and colours.

#3 An enhanced design
Our teams do everything in their power to reduce servicing with latest-generation low-maintenance cabins, improved processes for managing spare parts and a “multi-point lubrication” system that considerably extends maintenance intervals.


Carry capacityDesigned to specification
SpeedUp to 12 m/s
Transport capacityUp to 5,500 p/h
DesignFully customisable

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