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И в горах, и в городе мы можем обеспечить надежный и безопасный доступ публики к обзорным площадкам с потрясающими видами.

Himalayan mountain footbridge

The suspension bridges are as vertiginous as they are discreet and open up magnificent panoramas. You cross lakes or canyons, you are hanging on a wall above a river, … These specialized facilities provide easy and safe access to spectacular places.

An Long

An Long | Китай

Новые проекты

Long-span Himalayan footbridge

The construction of extraordinary works. Unique works that integrate perfectly into your territory, to ensure the continuity of your access roads, paths or simply to make your centers of interest or your destination more accessible.


Imagine a walk in the sky. The “belvédère” can be completely transparent so that you can appreciate (or not) the landscape under the sheet of glass that supports you.

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