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All-season monorail sled

A new all-season gravity-driven attraction for sliding down the slopes all year round, whether in the summer or winter. Solo or in pairs!


All-season monorail sled

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Bosco Gurin, Switzerland


#1 Simple lightweight monorail system
Our monorail seemingly melts into the landscape, and its aluminium structure is designed to adapt to all types of terrain. Our design delivers a unique ride experience and a wide field of vision to create unrivalled thrills and sensations.
Our designs offer endless layout possibilities with an extensive range of features (twists, jumps, bends and tunnels).
#2 Safety, design and comfort

The Fun Coaster is one of the safest solutions in the market. Fall arrest safety netting, safety PLC, centrifugal brake systems, seatbelts… every aspect of our sleds has been developed for the sole purpose of maximising comfort and safety for two people. The Fun Coaster is based on a new design that takes account of the various ergonomic constraints to ensure an unforgettable downhill experience.

#3 A tried-and-tested uphill transport system

Integrated, powerful and dependable. With the aim of improving the Fun Coaster’s ease of use, we have developed an integrated uphill transport system to ensure peak performance (capacity of 700 people an hour). Every sled is fitted with a grip for attaching to the uphill transport system’s cable. We have drawn on MND ROPEWAYS’ full expertise to develop this new system.


Rate350 sleds/h
Slope gradient10% to 16%
Terrain gradient15% to 40%
Maximum speedUp to 40 km/h
LayoutClosed circuit with an integrated uphill transport system (occupied sleds)
BoardingAt the top or bottom of the circuit

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