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Indoor snowmaking system

The new generation of indoor snowmaking systems incorporates a simple, yet reliable operating and production system that leaves other commercially available snowmaking machines trailing in its wake.
A high-performance solution with an integrated design.
  • Fine-tune the amount and quality of the snow to suit your needs
  • Limited evaporation


Indoor snowmaking system

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#1 Snow quantity and quality adjustments

MND SNOW indoor snowmaking system is the only indoor model that can instantly adjust the amount and quality of the snow produced. Different settings can be defined, and the entire system can be operated remotely with a PC or smartphone!

#2 Simple, compact and lightweight

With its space-saving size and low weight, the system can easily be fitted to your snowdome’s walls and ceiling. There is no need to build a specific reinforced structure to support the system. For even greater simplicity, our snowmaking solution only uses low-pressure air and water, so it is easy to use and maintain.

#3 Limited evaporation

With the aim of reining in operating costs and saving water resources, our solution generates very little evaporation, which creates less ice in the air handling systems compared to traditional systems (three to four times less).


Dimensions (mm)300 x 400 x 650
Weight (excluding mount)10 kg
Electrical data230 V / 50-60 Hz
InstallationCelling or wall
Ambient temperature< 2°C
Pressure10 bar
FlowUp to 120 Nm3/h
Snow production0.5 to 3,5 m3 / h
Snow qualityAjustable
Operation100% automatic

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