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All-weather snowmaking system

Blizzard Factory is the most sophisticated all-weather snowmaking solution in the market. Our feature-packed system produces the snow that you need as part of an incredibly compact design.
  • Up to 60 m³ of snow produced every day.


All-weather snowmaking system

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#1 Extremely easy to maintain

Unlike inflammable and corrosive ammonia, which can only be handled by specially trained people, MND SNOW has decided to use a next-generation refrigerant that is less harmful to the environment and easier to use and maintain.

#2 Compact design delivering oversize snowmaking performance

Blizzard Factory can easily be handled and installed due to its low footprint, but its small size takes nothing away from its snow production capabilities. The solution includes an automatic sweeping system for dispersing the snow more effectively.

#3 Heat recovery system

The optional heat recovery system generates the equivalent of up to 180 kW in heat energy. Not only is this system ideal for heating offices, garages and plant rooms, but it also helps secure a greater return on your snowmaking solution.


Dimensions (mm)6058 x 2438 x 2896
Weight (excluding options)6,5 tons
Electrical data400-480 V / 50 Hz
A master switch200A
Power input82 kW
Refrigeration systemForced-air cooling
Snow evacuationBy compressed air
Sweep angle110°
Water pressure2,5 to 4 bar (domestic network)
Snow productionUp to 60 m3 / day
Outdoor temperature+20°C to -10°C
OptionsHeat recovery system
Evacuation booster
Portable mount
Customisable design

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