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Fan guns

The Super Access fan gun is a cost-effective and versatile solution powered by the technologies and unique advantages of the MND range.
  • MND SNOW quality with a competitive price tag.


Fan guns

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Wanlong, Chine


#1 300 nozzles to raise the performance bar

The 300 nozzles create extremely fine droplets with pressures from 8 bar, which guarantees excellent performance levels at low pressures and marginal temperatures.

#2 Opti-Flow system

This system ramps up the fan gun’s snow production at marginal temperatures by activating a low water flow across half of the nozzle ring, meaning that it can start making snow earlier.

#3 Flow-Reg system
Linear regulation of the snow production process. The FLOW-REG technology automatically aligns the fan gun’s snowmaking process with the outdoor temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree, which improves production performance and guarantees consistent snow quality.


Dimensions (mm)1668 x 1228 x 1801
Weight (excluding mount)680kg
Voltage / Frequency400-480 V / 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Fan15 kW / 1450 rpm
Compressor4.0 kW (oil-free)
Heaters0 to 4.4 kW (configurable)
Water pressure8 to 35 bar (optimal performance from 15 bar)
Rotation / Elevation360° / 37°
Snow production9 to 81 m3/h
RangeUp to 75m
VersionsAutomatic or manual
MountPortable or tower-mounted

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