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HUY ropeway line
Press Release 25 · 08 · 2020

HUY ropeway line

Mobility: the cable transport specialist MND will build the new HUY ropeway line

Sainte-Hélène du Lac (73), 25 August 2020

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The city of Huy in Belgium, with the support of the Walloon Government, has entrusted MND (Euronext Growth – FR0011584549 – ALMND) and its Belgian partners (COP & PORTIER and BPC WALLONIE) with the construction of a new urban and tourist cable car to replace the existing one. This project is part of an investment and tourist activity boosting plan carried out by the city of Huy, which welcomes more than 70,000 tourists each year and hosts important sports and cultural events that contribute to its attractiveness.

The construction of the Huy cable car relies on the most advanced cable transportation technologies, with particular attention paid to the preservation of the existing cable car’s historical elements and to the ropeway integration with respect to the architecture of the Huy Fort site built between 1818 and 1823.

The ropeway system is a jig-back technology cableway with two parallel lines on which the cabins travel between the Esplanade Batta (downstream station), the Fort intermediate station and the Sarte station (upstream station). The two brand new cabins have a modern look, with a very pure design reminiscent of the historic cabins. The largely glazed surface enhances a panoramic view of the landscapes overflown.
Fully automated, the new cable car allows optimum management of schedules and departures. It can reach a speed of 30km/h.
Construction work will begin as of 2020 and be completed in 2021. This project has a contract value of nearly €10 million, of which €5 million for MND Group. The contract also includes a 4-year maintenance period for the ropeway (including 2 years in firm instalments) to ensure an availability rate over 99%, while providing assistance to the future operator in the handling of this new reliable and safe transport solution.

“We are very pleased to entrust the French constructor MND with the rehabilitation of cable car which is iconic for our town and local inhabitants. The project will benefit from the manufacturer’s expertise and proven technical skills and will be fully in line with our plan to boost tourism for our territory. ” states Christophe Collignon, Burgomaster of Huy.
For Nicolas Chapuis, MND Ropeways Business line Director: “Our technical solution consists in combining innovative ropeway technologies while respecting existing historical elements for a perfect integration in the environment. We are proud of the partnership to come and we are already committed to the construction of this major equipment contributing to the attractiveness of the city of Huy.

After our recent success in the city of Saint-Denis in Reunion Island, our Group is consolidating its position as a major player in cable transportation solutions in urban and tourist areas, combining quality, innovation and design, strengthened by our alliance with the Bartholet group. »

Technical characteristics:

  • Jig-back cable car
  • 2 cabins of 15 seats, accessible to Person with Reduced Mobility and bicycles
  • Speed of 30km/h
  • Length: 1 294 m
  • Vertical drop: 131 m
  • Maximum capacity per year: 785,000 people
  • Travel time: less than 4 minutes
  • Can be operated with or without cabin crew
  • Operation: 7 days/7 during seasonal operations

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