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Inauguration of Huy's jig-back: the symbol of the city is back !
Notas de prensa 30 · 04 · 2024

Inauguration of Huy's jig-back: the symbol of the city is back !

April 27 marked a major turning point for the city of Huy, Belgium, with the reopening of its urban and tourist cable car, which had been closed since 2012 following a helicopter crash that destroyed it. Designed and built by our group MND, in collaboration with COP & PORTIER and BPC WALLONIE, this project represents a significant advancement for both mobility and regional tourism.

Comfort and technology

The jig-back system features two modern cabins, each capable of accommodating 15 passengers. These cabins provide an exceptional panoramic view of the city and the surrounding nature, thanks to their glass design. They are also accessible to people with reduced mobility and equipped for transporting bicycles, thus ensuring an inclusive and convenient experience for all users.

The technology employed in Huy allows for swift movement of the cabins at a speed of nearly 30 km/h, covering a distance of 1294 meters with a vertical drop of 131 meters in just four minutes. This innovative system can operate with or without a cabin attendant, thanks to its full automation, optimizing efficiency and operational safety.

A vision of the future

According to Nicolas Chapuis, Director of the Ropeways Division at MND, «Our proposal was to reconcile innovative cable transport technologies with respect for historical elements, while maximizing the reuse of existing infrastructure for seamless integration into the environment. We are proud to have successfully met this technological challenge with our long-standing partners VLM, CALAG, and SEIREL to build a unique design device whose technology makes it a modern, durable, comfortable, and high-performing apparatus. Two weeks after the successful global launch of ORIZON, our new range of detachable cable transport devices for mobility in mountain, tourist, and urban areas, which has been very well received by industry professionals, this inauguration once again underscores our position as a major international player in the cable mobility market.«

Community and economic impact

The inauguration was a major community event, attracting many residents and visitors, and was welcomed by key figures such as Elio Di Rupo, Minister-President of the Walloon Region, and Christophe Collignon, Walloon Minister of Housing and Mayor of the city of Huy. It was an opportunity for our teams to present them with the traditional Blackpeuf paintings highlighting the project.

The cable car has been praised for its potential to boost tourism and rejuvenate the local economy, particularly by attracting visitors to the historic Fort of Huy, overlooking the Meuse River.

The Huy cable car is not just a functional addition to the infrastructure of the city of Huy, it is also the resurgence of one of the city’s symbols.

As a leader in the cable transport industry, MND is proud to participate in projects that not only respect history and the environment but also open new avenues for tourism and urban development.

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