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  • 10 different professional profiles within the Manufacturing Division
  • 25,000 surface area of the production site in square metres
  • 300 employees in France and around the world
  • 100% unique expertise used at our production site

One partner, many solutions

MND has carved a reputation as a global leader in its four business segments (ROPEWAYS, SNOW, SAFETY and LEISURE) and their applications in a wide range of sectors, including all-season mountain activities, tourism, urban activities, indoor leisure and industry. Knowledge and action are our core business. MND’s employees represent the company’s most valuable asset. Knowledge is just part of the equation, and we happen to possess the best experts in each of our business segments. But the ability to take action is equally mission-critical. Our teams truly demonstrate the full extent of their operational excellence when they are active out in the field. We design, we manufacture, we install and we maintain… all of which by your side.

  • Our products are designed and manufactured in the Alps, a landmark in the mountain sector and the guiding light that shapes the future of our business activities.
  • Our in-field teams are clearly grounded in reality.
  • Our products and services are used in all the world’s major mountain chains, and our ability to stay ahead of the innovation curve even encompasses urban transport solutions.

Discover our expertise

In 2022, we launched our plans to extend our head office and industrial facilities in a bid to support the high level of growth in our business activities and improve the work environment for our teams. This investment is key to strengthening the Group's production, engineering and design capacities in France for all its business segments, as well as developing our range of services and delivering a long-term response to our customers' growing training needs.
  • Icon French industrial site
  • Icon R&D= 4-7% of our revenue
  • Icon 60-year legacy
  • Icon 80 years' aggregated experience
  • Icon 100 industrial machines
  • Icon ISO + EN1090 Certification
  • Icon 22 families of patents

Made in France: our careers

Due to the Group’s line of business, its different sites are based in ideal vantage points close to the ski areas within the various mountain ranges.

The Group’s head office is located in Sainte-Hélène-du-Lac, near Chambéry, in the French Alps.

As part of its decision to place employee well-being high on its priority list, the Group continually strives to improve working conditions so that all employees can thrive and work together in harmony.

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