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Espectaculares y accesibles, las experiencias aéreas son una verdadera ventaja para sobrevolar un lugar sin impactar su ecosistema y al mismo tiempo garantizar sensaciones fuertes.

Fun Line

It can be up to 1,000 m long and with a gradient of 5% to 15%. The departure provides the same sensations as the classic zip line, but the speed reached on the route requires a braking system at the arrival that automatically adapts to the passenger’s weight.


Montailleur | Francia

ZIPLINE | 2019
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Speed Line

A new and spectacular generation of zip lines with installations up to 2,000 m in length, a slope of up to 35%, descent speeds that can exceed 100 km/h and 2 to 4 lines in parallel… For an experience, in complete safety, in the world of excess!

Col de la Faucille - Mijoux

Col de la Faucille - Mijoux | Francia

ZIPLINE | 2020
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The high-tech Zip Line for extreme implantations. A spectacular new experience with the possibility of installing this Zip Line with an intermediate pylon (or several) to manage the slope and its profile.


Geilo | Noruega

Tirolina - AdrenaLine | 2017
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Fun Flight

The Fun Flight is an extraordinary adventure, particularly adapted to the forest or indoor environment. Reaching a length of 2000m, the activity is carried out thanks to a suspended rail in open circuit allowing users to slide freely by gravity.

Mont Dore

Mont Dore | Francia

Tirolina - Fun Flight | 2020
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