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Padon Marmolada | Italy

O'BELLX | 2014
The protection of the Italian Dolomites, a national park listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • SKI
  • 14 O'BELLX™

While Dolomiti Superski is building a new chairlift to link two sectors of its ski area, the protection of the device appears indispensable to guarantee the durability of the installation.

Destroyed by an avalanche in 2014, this link was expected by the resort and the skiers. In order to effectively protect against the avalanche risk while taking into account the environmental constraints linked to the park’s classification as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, MND deployed 14 removable O’BellX solutions chosen for :

  • their ease of installation;
  • their minimal impact on the ecosystem, and
  • the absence of polluting residues left on site after each preventive shot.

The specificity of the installed systems is to offer the patented MULTISYNC triggering option to carry out simultaneous (explosions at the same time) or synchronised (successive explosions with a 0 to 5 second delay) firings on 1 to 10 O’BellX systems in order to reduce the duration of the zone securing procedure to a minimum.

MND Safety