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Kemano | Canada

Gazex | 2018-2022
Guaranteed security for employees on a site under construction

On a highly exposed site and with an industrial worksite in progress, Rio Tinto Aluminium (RTA) needs to guarantee the safety of its employees.

During the 4 years required to build a second water supply tunnel for the Kemano hydroelectric power station in British Columbia, MND ensures the continuity of the work by protecting the site and the teams. A site highly exposed to avalanches and extreme snow and weather conditions and the expressed need to be able to dismantle the systems at the end of the work to limit the footprint that MND responds with :

  • the installation of 11 fixed Gazex /Gazflex gas triggers on firing points requiring very high autonomy (70 shots per winter).
  • the planned dismantling of the tubes at the end of the work with the replacement of the conventional concrete counterweights with specific steel ballast based ones;
  • a specific Wifi system to allow continuity of communication between two avalanche trigger control points.
MND Safety