Lotte Arai Ski Resort 01 / 02
Lotte Arai Ski Resort 02 / 02

Lotte Arai Ski Resort | 日本

Gazex, O'BellX | 1996
Upgrade of existing avalanche control systems
  • 2 O'BELLX™

In 2022, the Lotte Arai ski resort in Japan decided to modernise its remote avalanche control systems by replacing 2 old Gazex units installed in 1996 with 2 O’bellX option+ units. In particular, this modernisation will make it easier to recharge and maintain the devices in the workshop, and will also reduce the visual impact. With these two MND SAFETY solutions, Lotte Araï is now the first resort in Asia to be equipped with a removable avalanche triggering solution.

MND Safety
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