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O'BellX - Gazex | Depuis 2014
Securing communication routes with very high traffic volumes
  • 17 O'BELLX™

Guaranteeing the accessibility of road communication routes whatever the weather conditions: this is the major objective of the CDOT / Colorado Department of Transportation.

To secure the main roads and highways in Colorado, a state known for its extreme winter and summer climates, CDOT has chosen to use explosive-free technology to optimise the procedure times, which have been reduced from 1 hour to 20 minutes in the Loveland Pass area, and to avoid blocking these roads as much as possible during the security periods. To achieve this, MND deployed between 2014 and 2019:

  • 21 fixed gas releases Gazex/Gazflex and
  • 17 removable O’BellX triggers on 36 priority firing points including the Eisenhower tunnel area on I-70 and Monarch Pass on US-50.
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