Barèges - La Mongie 01 / 03
Barèges - La Mongie 02 / 03
Barèges - La Mongie 03 / 03

Barèges - La Mongie | 法国

O'BellX - Gazex - DaisyBell | Depuis 1989
Guaranteeing the link between 2 valleys of a ski area
  • 7 O'BELLX™

As part of a global project to increase the potential for avalanche triggering to ensure the link between the 2 valleys of the Barèges / La Mongie ski area, MND is assisting the SEML and the SIVU du Grand Tourmalet in the management of its risk.

In order to guarantee the effectiveness of the systems that will be in place according to each type of terrain, MND has installed over the years 34 remote triggering points, including 7 removable Obell’Xs for the steepest faces of the area, notably “Couloir 38”, a smooth slab with a 50° slope, or the “Jardin” and “Jardinet” sites with their high exposure to boulder falls. The DaisyBell helicopter-borne solution is also used on occasion.

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