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L'Alpe D'Huez | Франция

Gazex - DaisyBell | Since 1996
Avalanche protection for one of the largest ski areas in the French Alps
  • SKI

With 250km of ski slopes and a peak at 3330 metres, the 5 resorts of Alpe d’Huez require special attention to ensure the safety of both tourists and operating staff.

The regular installation of remote avalanche release systems has thus accompanied the Société d’Aménagement Touristique Alpe d’Huez (S.A.T.A.) in the extension of its domain for more than 25 years with, to date, 120 Gazex/Gazflex fixed gas releases in service, the occasional use of the DaisyBell heliborne system and 3 control bases combined in an industrial rack; all controlled by Ethernet.

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