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Gudauri | Грузия

Gazex - DaisyBell - Monitoring | 2019-2020
A first installation of avalanche risk control systems in the largest ski resort in the Caucasus

The recent surge in winter tourist activity means that in 2019 the main Georgian ski resort will have to take strong measures against the global avalanche risk on the slopes. Situated at an altitude of over 2000 metres, MND has equipped the site with 24 Gazex, 10 shelters/minishelters, 1 DaisyBell as well as a complete monitoring system including 1 weather station and 1 infrasound detection network to analyse and monitor the area in real time. With 18 fixed systems already installed and operational, this equipment is now making it possible to secure the estate in preparation for the 2020-2021 season.

The installation of the equipment and the training of the Mountain Resort Development Company (MRDC) teams are carried out by the group of companies comprising MND SAFETY and its local partner Mountain Resort Solutions (MRS).

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