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Chief of Operations COO Austria
Offres d'emploi 30 · 06 · 2022

Chief of Operations COO Austria


Job Description

  • Responsible for the proper execution of local business, in accordance with the framework defined by the Management of the business unit concerned, for customer relations and customer satisfaction, and for the respect of contractual commitments. Responsible for the after-sales service.  
  • Accountable for the optimization of resources regarding local conditions/needs of realizations.  
  • Responsible for representing the company locally (legal and financial) and managing relations with all the subsidiary’s stakeholders (human resources, suppliers, bank, government agencies, etc.) with a view to optimizing the Group’s interests.

Main missions

  • Operations
    • Organize and supervise the operational activity of the local platform: set objectives, schedules, manage priorities, make the necessary decisions,
    • Ensure the quality of the achievements and customer satisfaction,  
    • Alert on possible deviations (deadlines/quality), execution problems, non-quality, and propose corrective action plans. 
    • Research and implement operational efficiency actions.
  • Technical
    • Responsible from a technical point of view for all the business and products selling by the company, 
    • Supervise + oversee projects from a technical point of view, 
    • Create technical pre-projects for the approval procedure together with the sales team, supplier and business units, 
    • Create the specifications for all companies involved in a project, 
    • Construction supervision and side management – Coordination with suppliers -Control of deliveries – Approve the performance of the sub-suppliers – Project accounting. 
    • Support of existing installations – Coordination of service and maintenance work -Execution of spare part deliveries. 
  • Commercial/customer/contractual 
    • Ensure the daily customer relationship of the local business,  
    • Ensure business coordination between the sales representative and the subsidiary concerned: compliance of local contracts (commercial contracts), monitoring of payments,  
    • Guarantee contractual commitments (quality of work, safety of local worksites, etc.).  
  • Budgets/ optimization of resources (human resources, procurement, subcontracting, suppliers)  
    • Contribute to the realization of the budgets of the local part of the business and their follow-up (fees, margin, local costs, etc.). 
    • Ensure that the teams and human resources necessary for the successful completion of local business are available, optimized, and managed: respect of deadlines, quality of supplies, etc.  
    • Contributing to the selection of the best partners: sourcing, qualifying, and developing the network of subcontractors and suppliers (carrying out audits) to carry out operations, contracting with local subcontractors and suppliers, etc.
    • Coordinating purchasing with HQ policy: defining the purchasing strategy (for local projects), implementing and managing it in accordance with the Purchasing Department (industrial purchasing) or the Production Department (business purchases) of the division(s) concerned, and ensuring supplies.  
    • Guarantee the budget, objectives and cash flow of the local entity: local suppliers, trade receivables of the subsidiary, overheads, etc.  (Budget – see with sales) 
    • Research and implement margin optimization actions locally.  
  • General/ legal 
    • To ensure the safety of worksites and achievements, compliance with ISO/local standards and internal safety rules, application of procedures, laws, rules, and regulations, 
    • Ensure and refer to the relevant departments of a local normative watch,  
    • Manage litigation locally,  
    • Ensure a relay of information Group/local – local/Group,  
    • Ensure a serene social climate within its entity (quality of working conditions, staff motivation, good communication of company objectives)  
    • Research and implement actions to develop and improve the subsidiary’s performance.

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