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Vars | フランス

Automated snowmaking system | Since 2002
Partnering with the biggest resort in the Southern Alps
  • 24000m
  • 12 - 1330m3/h
  • 31
  • 231
  • GSS V7

The heart of the Hautes-Alpes, Vars la Forêt Blanche is a highly sought-after resort in the Southern Alps, with slopes at an altitude of almost 3,000 metres. Since 2002, MND has been involved in the snowmaking of the ski area to support the development of the ski offer with the best possible skiing conditions.

Thanks to this close relationship, MND and Vars have signed a partnership for the development of new on-site snow guns, in particular perches, systems dedicated to snowmaking on paths, and Makalu fans for larger snow productions. Since 2017, these two snowmaking solutions have benefited from this exclusive test site to experiment with technologies, share experiences and improve products together so that they meet our customers’ expectations even better.

MND Snow
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