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La Thuile | イタリア

The only snowmaking system in the world that produces electricity!
  • 24 000 m
  • 4 - 1350 m3/h
  • 11
  • 344
  • GSS V7

In 2017, La Thuile and MND SNOW completed the installation of two hydroelectric turbines on the snowmaking network, a world first!

Since 2006 MND SNOW has been the supplier of the Italian snowmaking station. A unique installation that produces 20% more energy than it consumes.

  • Snow making systems
    The ski area is equipped with nearly 350 snow guns, mainly TAURUS poles.
  • Machine Rooms
    4 recently modernised pump rooms.
  • Power generation
    At the bottom of the network, 2 hydroelectric turbines produce electricity from April to October, thanks to the water flowing through the system’s pipes.
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