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Himmelfjall | スウェーデン

Automated snowmaking system | 2019
The newest ski area in Europe
  • 18 000 m
  • 3 - 1350 m3/h
  • 31
  • 168
  • GSS V7

A tailor-made accompaniment for the Himmelfjall ski area, which has become one of the most extensive in Sweden only 2 years after its inauguration.

Himmelfjall, the only new ski area created in Western Europe in recent years, required 10 years of preparation and was developed in less than a year. Since the beginning of the project alongside the client, MND has accompanied the technical study and feasibility phases while taking into account the economic and ecological stakes of the site. Himmelfjall was equipped with the best MND technology, TAURUS 2.0 poles and PEAK fans, in order to guarantee high performance snowmaking and limited operating costs.

MND Snow
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