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Monitoring - O'BellX - Gazex | Since 1992
Avalanche securing of an open-air industrial site at very high altitude
  • 4 O'BELLX™
  • 5 NIVEXC™-SP

At an altitude of more than 4,000 metres, the avalanche safety of the mines operated by Codelco Andina in Chile is a crucial point in ensuring the continuity of activities throughout the year.

During the winter period, safe access for workers to the various sectors concerned must be guaranteed at all times while minimising closure times. Since 1992, MND has been involved in the installation of fixed gas releases Gazex/Gazflex for a total of 39 systems used to date. In 2018, 4 autonomous and removable O’BellX systems were added to the fleet for easier maintenance. In addition, 5 NivExc-SP automatic snowpack profile measuring masts, a tool never before used in an open-cast mine, were installed for upstream decision support.

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