Les 7 Laux 01 / 03
Les 7 Laux 02 / 03
Les 7 Laux 03 / 03

Les 7 Laux | Francia

Les 7 Laux | 2020
  • SKI
  • 1 O'BELLX™
  • CIII Shelter & O'BELLX™ Option+

Since 2020, Les 7 Laux ski resort has been equipped with 9 Gazex / Gazflex and an O’bellX Option+.

These solutions ensure the safety of the slopes, the skiers and also the teams by allowing remote avalanches triggering, in the most exposed areas. These devices also save considerable time for the operator, facilitating the opening of the ski area at the beginning of the day.

With the installation of an O’bellX Option+, the French ski resort has also been chosen for field experiments with the latest MND Safety innovations.

MND Safety
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