Vaujany 01 / 02
Vaujany 02 / 02

Vaujany | France

Detachable gondola | 2017
Vaujany opts for First Class
  • GD8
  • 2000 pph
  • 25
  • 574m
  • 112m

Vaujany has chosen a comfortable and stylish link between the village and its ski area. Comfort for skiers and pedestrians, integrating high comfort seats and ski doors integrated into the cabin interior. Design by the unique lines of these cabins and by the integration of the stations. This 8-seats detachable gondola lift also benefits from the disengageable toggle clamp which facilitates maintenance. As soon as they open, the cabins are the buzz and the fame of the Vaujany site!

Project that was carried out as part of the partnership with the Bartholet Maschinenbau AG company.

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