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Platak | Croatia

Automated snowmaking system | 2019-2020
Snow guarantee for Rijeka's favourite destination
  • 2 300m
  • 1 - 400 m3/h
  • 14
  • GSS V7

In order to meet our customer’s initial need for snow production in difficult climatic conditions, a new snowmaking system for the ski area was required.

The meteorological constraints are twofold: this site receives mainly warm and humid winds from the Adriatic, but sometimes very cold north winds. The snow production system had to be efficient in marginal temperatures but also capable of producing very quickly when it is cold. Thanks to tried and tested solutions in all conditions, MND SNOW has chosen :

  • POWER fan guns for its performance in marginal temperatures (from -1.5°C) but also its high production capacity in extreme cold (up to 96 m3/h).
  • Machine rooms to optimise snowmaking in marginal temperatures, we have installed a double water cooling system (up to -10°c): Bullage + cooling towers.
MND Snow
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