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Bramans | France

Footbridge | 2023
An unrivalled nature experience.
  • 62m

It is within the framework of the cross-border project of development and tourist diversification ALCOTRA AMB.ENIS for the development of sustainable tourism in the Val d’Ambin, in collaboration with the municipality of Giaglione (Italy) and the Mountain Union of the Upper Valley of Susa, that this new suspended footbridge was inaugurated on Tuesday 4 July 2023. Crossing the Gorges d’Ambin river and open all year round, provides access to various tourist activities in both summer and winter: cross-country ski trails, snowshoe trails, via ferrata, ice climbing, or even bivouacs, ensuring the link with the local economy and the tourist diversification of this mountain territory, while respecting the environment.

MND Leisure
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