Chamonix - Les Grands Montets 01 / 05
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Chamonix - Les Grands Montets 05 / 05

Chamonix - Les Grands Montets | France

Automated snowmaking system | 1996-2020
25 years of cooperation between MND and Chamonix and a unique solution to increase the lifespan of equipment
  • 9 420 m
  • 3 - 500 m3/h
  • 39
  • 55
  • GSS V7

Since 1996, Chamonix has trusted MND to assist it with its snowmaking needs.

In the mythical resort of Grands-Montets, the water captured comes from the melting glaciers of the Mont-Blanc massif and is highly loaded with minerals, which creates premature wear and tear on the snowmaking equipment. A water treatment solution has been found to increase their lifespan and guarantee better durability.

  • snow guns: the lower part of the network is equipped with more than 50 TAURUS 2.0 poles which benefit from high water pressure. The upper part is equipped with PEAK fans.
  • the machine rooms: in the main pumping room, in addition to the traditional filtration, 5 cyclonic filters are installed, the only technology allowing the elimination of the finest particles.
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