Jinshanling - Golden Moutain 01 / 03
Jinshanling - Golden Moutain 02 / 03
Jinshanling - Golden Moutain 03 / 03

Jinshanling - Golden Moutain | China

Automated snowmaking system | 2022
MND equips the new flagship resort near Beijing
  • 17000m
  • 3 - 2400 m3/h
  • 120
  • GSS V7

Located 120 km north-east of Beijing, on the edge of the Great Wall of China, Jinshanling Golden Mountain is a new ski area developed by Hebei Tourism Investment, the state-owned company in charge of tourism development in the Olympic province of Hebei. Under a multi-year contract, MND, alongside its partner Beijing Snow Elan, designed and built the entire snowmaking system, from the engineering phase through to assistance with commissioning. With 120 fans and 3 pump rooms, this is the largest automated system in China, enabling rational use of resources.

MND Snow
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